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Sunday, August 7, 2011

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I have spoke of a couple model car manufacturers in my earlier blogs.  To give credit to them I have attached links to their websites.  These are my favorites.  


The following links are to magazines that I read periodically.  It is incredible some of the detail and work that some individuals put into this hobby.  Scale Auto Magazine has a good forum for individuals really wanting information on all aspects of the hobby.

Scale Auto Magazine
Model Cars Magazine

Currently I have been pouring through these magazine and other places to get some idea of what to build next.  The earlier post of Morgan's Porsche was the last model on my work bench.  You would think out of 300 kits I would find something to build.  

1964 Corvette Grand Sport                                                      Accurate Miniatures 
1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray                                           AMT 
1932 ALA KART Ford Pickup                                                 AMT/Ertl 
1937 Chevrolet Cabriolet                                                         AMT/Ertl 
1940 Ford Sedan Delivery                                                       AMT/Ertl 
1950 Chevrolet Pickup                                                             AMT/Ertl 
1951 Chevrolet Fleetline                                                          AMT/Ertl 
1953 Ford F-100 Pickup                                                         AMT/Ertl 
1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing "Prestige"              AMT/Ertl 
1955 Chevrolet Nomad                                                           AMT/Ertl 
1957 Chevrolet BelAir  "Pro Shop"                                        AMT/Ertl 
1957 Chevrolet BelAir Sport Coupe                                      AMT/Ertl 
1957 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup                                            AMT/Ertl 
1957 Chrysler 300C                                                                 AMT/Ertl 
1958 Edsel Pacer                                                                    AMT/Ertl 
1960 Ford Starliner Custom                                                   AMT/Ertl 
1962 Buick Electra 225 A                                                       AMT/Ertl 
1962 Chevrolet Impala SS Convertible                                 AMT/Ertl 
1963 Chevrolet Impala SS                                                      AMT/Ertl 
1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible "Prestige"                 AMT/Ertl 
1966 Chevrolet Nova                                                               AMT/Ertl 
1967 Chevrolet Impala SS                                                      AMT/Ertl 
1967 Chevrolet Impala Street Machine                                 AMT/Ertl 
1969 Pontiac Firebird TA                                                       AMT/Ertl 
1970 Chevrolet Impala SS                                                      AMT/Ertl
1970 1/2 Chevrolet Baldwin Motion Camaro                        AMT/Ertl 
1992 Chevrolet C1500 454 SS Truck                                    AMT/Ertl 
1995 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (Stock Car)                              AMT/Ertl 
1995 Dodge Viper                                                                   AMT/Ertl 
1995 Ford F-150 Pickup (Stock Car)                                    AMT/Ertl 
1995 Toyota Supra (Fast and Furious)                                 AMT/Ertl 
2004 Chevrolet SSR w/ Resin Sedan Delivery Body          AMT/Ertl 
1957   Chrysler 300C                                                              AMT/Ertl 
2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII                                    AMT/Ertl 
2008 Competition Parts Pack                                                AMT/Ertl 
1968 Shelby Cobra S/C Cobra                                              Fujimi 
1969 Ferrari 365GTS Daytona Spyder                                 Fujimi 
1985 Porshe 911 Turbo                                                          Fujimi 
1948 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery                                             Galaxie 
1960 Ferrari 250 GTO                                                            Gunze Sangyo 
1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB                                                     Gunze Sangyo 
1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa                                              Hasagawa 
1964 Ferrari 275 GTB                                                            Italeri 
1934 Ford Pick-Up                                                                 Lindberg 
1940 Ford Coupe                                                                    Lindberg 
1953 Ford Convertible Indy "Pace Car"                               Lindberg 
1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS                                                  Lindberg 
2008 Dodge Charger SRT 8                                                 Lindberg 
1930 Ford Woody                                                                  Monogram 
1930 Packard Boattail Speedster                                       Monogram 
1939 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery                                           Monogram 
1953 Chevrolet Belair                                                           Monogram 
1955 Chevrolet Street Machine                                           Monogram 
1955 Ford Panel Truck                                                         Monogram 
1957 Chevrolet Nomad                                                         Monogram 
1958 Ford Thunderbird Convertible                                    Monogram 
1959 Chevrolet Corvette                                                       Monogram 
1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible                                      Monogram 
1959 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop                                            Monogram 
1965 Chevrolet Impala SS 396                                            Monogram 
1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Roadster                              Monogram 
1970 Ford Mustang "Boss"                                                  Monogram 
1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda                                                  Monogram
1972 Buick GSX Street Machine                                        Monogram 
1978 Chevrolet Pickup 4X4                                                 Monogram 
1986 "Miami Vice" Ferrari Daytona Spyder                      Monogram 
1948 Ford Woody Wagon                                                    Monogram 
1978 Indianapolis 500 Hall of Fame Set                            MPC 
1929 Ford Pick-Up 3 in 1 "Rat Rods"                                 Revell 
1941 Willys Coupe (John Mazmanian)                                Revell
1953 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery                                            Revell 
1956 Chevrolet 210 Sedan DelRay                                     Revell 
1957 Chevrolet 150 Utility Sedan                                         Revell 
1959 Ford Galaxie Convertible                                            Revell 
1961 Stone Woods & Cook Wills Drag Racer                   Revell 
1963 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C "A" Production Champions Revell 
1964 Chevrolet Fleetside Pickup                                         Revell 
1964 Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt                                           Revell 
1964 Ford Mustang Pace Car                                              Revell 
1965 Chevrolet Stepside & Hemi Hydro                              Revell
1965 Chevrolet Stepside Pickup                                          Revell 
1966 Chevelle Station Wagon                                              Revell
1967 Chevrolet Chevelle                                                       Revell 
1967 Chevrolet SS396 Chevelle                                          Revell 
1967 Dodge Charger 426 Hemi                                          Revell 
1967 Plymouth GTX                                                               Revell 
1967 "Hurst Hairy" Oldsmobile                                             Revell 
1968 Dodge Charger (Dick Landy)                                     Revell 
1968 Dodge Dart GTS  Dick Landy                                    Revell 
1968 Pontiac Firebird 400                                                   Revell 
1968 Pontiac GTO                                                                Revell 
1969 Chevrolet Camaro "Pace Car"                                  Revell 
1969 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible                                  Revell 
1969 Ford Shelby GT-500                                                   Revell 
1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 427 L-72                               Revell 
1969 Dodge Charger Daytona                                            Revell 
1969 Chevrolet Nova                                                            Revell 
1970 Plymouth AAR Cuda                                                   Revell 
1970 Plymouth Roadrunner                                                 Revell 
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302                                             Revell 
1972 Datsun 240Z                                                                Revell 
1975 Chevrolet Pick-Up  "Mad Mudder"                            Revell 
1976 Volkswagen Cabriolet                                                Revell 
1981 Jeep Honcho                                                               Revell 
1994 Chevrolet Impala SS                                                  Revell 
1995 Chevrolet Corvette Pace Car                                    Revell 
1996 Race Car Trailer w/ Equipment                                 Revell 
1998 Custom Silverado and Waverider                             Revell 
1998 Pontiac Pro Street Rick Dobbertin                           Revell 
1999 Chevrolet Sliverado CK                                              Revell 
2000 Harley-Davidson Ford F-150 & Motorcycle             Revell 
2002 Chevrolet Camaro 35th Anniversary                         Revell 
2003 Cadillac Escallade                                                      Revell 
2004 Chevrolet SSR                                                             Revell 
2005 Chevrolet Corvette C6                                                Revell 
2006 Ford Mustang GT                                                         Revell 
2006 Cadillac STS-V                                                            Revell 
2006 Dodge Viper                                                                 Revell 
2006 Audi R10 TDI                                                                Revell 
2008 Shelby GT 500 KR                                                       Revell 
2009 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 KR                               Revell 
1969 Dodge Dart Hemi                                                         Revell 
2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1                                               Revell 
2009 Dodge Challenger                                                        Revell 
1962 Chevrolet Impala SS Hardtop                                     Revell 
1964 Volkswagon Samba Bus                                            Revell 
1965 Kurtis Midget Racer                                                    Revell 
1969 Ferrari 275 NART Spider                                           Revell Germany 
1970 Ferrari 365 GTB4 Daytona                                        Revell Germany 
1976 Ferrari 348 ts                                                               Revell Germany 
1997 Kenworth W900 Wrecker                                           Revell Germany 
2000 Peterbilt Wrecker                                                         Revell Germany 
2004 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti                                                  Revell Germany 
2006 Ferrari Superamerica                                                 Revell Germany 
2006 Ferrari F430 Spyder                                                   Revell Germany 
1932 Ford (Dan Fink's Speedwagon)                                Revell/Monogram 
1937 Ford Panel Delivery                                                    Revell/Monogram 
1955 Chevrolet Belair Convertible "Pace Car"                 Revell/Monogram 
1960 Chevrolet Impala Hardtop                                           Revell/Monogram 
1960 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery (Street Fighter)                Revell/Monogram 
1965 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 Z-16                                Revell/Monogram 
1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R                                   Revell/Monogram 
1966 Pontiac GTO                                                                Revell/Monogram 
1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 427                                  Revell/Monogram 
1967 Chevrolet Malibu SS Pro Street                                 Revell/Monogram 
1969 Chevrolet Z-28 Camaro RS                                        Revell/Monogram 
1969 Dodge Charger R/T (Pro Modeler)                            Revell/Monogram 
1969 Ford Talladega w/ Die-Cut Diner Diorama               Revell/Monogram 
1969 Pontiac GTO "Judge"                                                  Revell/Monogram 
1975 Paddy Wagon Show Rod                                            Revell/Monogram 
1978 Chevrolet Corvette "Pace Car"                                  Revell/Monogram 
1987 Buick Grand National                                                  Revell/Monogram 
1959 Morris Mini Cooper 1275S Mk.1                               Tamiya 
1980 Lotus Super 7 Series II                                               Tamiya 
1987 Ferrari F40                                                                   Tamiya 
1988 Porsche 911 Turbo                                                     Tamiya 
1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R                                                   Tamiya 
1989 Nissan Skyline GTR                                                    Tamiya 
1990 Mercedes-Benz 500SL                                              Tamiya 
1990 Nissan R89C                                                               Tamiya 
1990 Toyota 88C-V Minolta                                                 Tamiya 
1991 Mitsubishi Pajero Super Exceed                               Tamiya 
1992 Volvo 850 Estate BTCC                                             Tamiya 
1993 Toyota Supra                                                                Tamiya 
1994 AMG Mercedes                                                            Tamiya 
1994 Ferrari F40 Competizione                                           Tamiya 
1994 Jeep Cherokee Limited                                              Tamiya 
1994 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 VX Limited                          Tamiya 
1998 Nissan Fairlady 300ZX Turbo                                     Tamiya 
1999 Nissan 350Z Track (Satin Body)                                Tamiya 
1999 Nissan Nismo R34 GTR Z-Tune                                 Tamiya 
1999 PIAA Accord VTEC                                                     Tamiya 
2000 Mercedes CLK  -  GTR                                               Tamiya 
2000 Mobil 1 NSX                                                                 Tamiya 
2000 Toyota GT-One  TS020                                               Tamiya 
2001 Ferrari 360 Modena                                                     Tamiya 
2002 Ferrari Enzo                                                                  Tamiya 
2002 Nissan GT-R R34  Loctite Zexel                                 Tamiya 
2003 Williams F1 BMW FW24                                             Tamiya 
2003 Xanavi Nismo GT-R  R34 Special Edition                 Tamiya
2004 Xanavi Nismo Z                                                            Tamiya 
2005 Ferrari FXX                                                                   Tamiya 
2006 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren                                   Tamiya 
1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Cabriolet                             Testors 
1960 Pontiac Bonneville                                                       Trumpeter 
1963 Chevrolet Nova SS                                                      Trumpeter 
1963 Chevrolet Nova SS Convertible                                 Trumpeter 
2002 LaFrance Eagle Fire Truck                                         Trumpeter  

Saturday, July 23, 2011

1996 Porsche Club Sport - Morgan's Car

Porsche is the ultimate race car and my nephew Morgan is a car guy so this one is for him.  He requested the color and won this at the families Christmas white elephant exchange in 2010.  I know, your saying it takes me a long time to build something...and you are does.

Porsche's version of a weekend race car
This was a Tamiya kit with all the perfect fit and realism that Tamiya brings to the modeling community.  The color is a one coat lacquer by the Testors Corporation call "Mythical Maroon".  The car depicts a race car that you can drive everyday to work.   A bold concept for a car manufacturer but in this case its pulled off pretty well.

The bulged rear fenders to accommodate big tires and wing are evidence the car is built for racing

The wing is pretty aggressive looking
The engine in this beast is the famous Porsche flat six cylinder that is turbocharged and puts out approximately 430 HP.  Notice the antennae on the roof of the car.  That is for radio contact with your wife or girlfriend while racing on the weekend so you can get the current grocery list to pick up on the way home from the track.

The view most of the competition sees!!!
This car epitomizes the scale dream theme for people out there who have interest in fast cars.  What would be better than a car you can drive to work everyday then go racing on the weekend with it.  Try that with your Chevrolet Impala!!!

Till next time..that model car guy in Portland!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

1972 Oldsmobile 442 - My wife's favorite

This 1972 Oldsmobile 442 was an awesome kit to build.  One of the few model kits I want to build again just to have the pleasure of building.  The fit and finish of the kit was superb.  It is one of Revell's "Special Edition" kits that are great.  This is also my wife Kim's favorite car.  I built it for her.  

This is s nice ride!!!!
Black on black on black.  Black car with black interior and black top..not the way I would have ordered this particular vehicle in 1972.  There was a Hurst Olds version that I really like.  Maybe I will buy another kit and build for you all to see. If anyone requests that then it is a done deal!!!

Does it get any better than a convertible interior?
My wife is a carbon fiber freak so I used carbon fiber decals for many of the components in the interior of this Oldsmobile.  The back of the from seats, console, door trim and the dash all have carbon fiber accents.  The floor has "fuzzy fur" on it to depict carpet.  

Oldsmobile 455 CI powered muscle!!!
The underside of the model showing detail.
I dont build vehicles as accurately as some professional builders do..I build to what suits me and what I am confident in doing.  The undercarriage on some vehicles from the 60's had over spray on it during the build process.  Please forgive me, but I dont research my subjects that close.    Just wanted to show what a model looks like underneath all the nice stuff on top!!!

A nice looking automobile
Thanks for looking at my scale dreams.  I do hope you are enjoying.  More to come in the near future.  I plan to follow a build of a subject very soon.  Please comment if you have something to say...good or bad is accepted.

That model guy in Portland 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mercedes DTM Scale Dream

This is a Mercedes DTM race car.  This is the European equivalent to NASCAR racing here in the states.  The model kit is manufactured by Tamiya.  A high quality Japanese model supplier and they  market some real cool RC Cars and Trucks.

The decals placed on this car were very detailed and there were lots of them.  Notice the body ripping away to depict the engine.

Tamiya kits are very high quality and go together very well.  They range in price from $25 to $90 for the 1/24 scale sports car series.  They also have military. 1/12 F1 race cars and airplanes.  They are some of my favorite kits to build.  This kit had about 120 pieces and I did purchase a separate photo etch detail set to add to the realism of the model.

The best view angle of any car.  Notice the detail of the decals on the body of the car.

Photo etch bake detail is seen behind the wheel

Detail of ripping away decals exposing engine.

Hood removed exposing engine underneath.
I dont build just one type of car, in fact I have built several motorcycle kits as produced by the Tamiya model manufacturer.  This model took about two months to build.  It was painted a semi gloss Tamiya grey paint and then the decals were applied over it.  The clear over the decals is actually liquid Future floor wax.  It is easy to use and provides good sealing over the detailed decals.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The 1970 Scale Dream Buick GSX

My favorite make of automobile - Buick

The rear view of a fast car
One of my scale dreams happens to be the Buick GSX.  I believe they only built this particular model in 1970 and 1971.  They only came in yellow or white and had big block Buick power.  The model kit manufacturer is Revell and they did a good job with this kit.  I have added what is called a photo etch detail set to this model.  It adds realism to the grille, script and interior details to the kit.  I also added bare metal foil around the trim of the car to simulate chrome trim.

This is the big block Buick engine - 455 CI.

I believe this is the best view of any automobile - the 3/4 photo from the rear
This model is 1/24 scale and that is a popular scale among scale modelers who build cars.  As I get older the strain on my eyeballs gets more intense but i do enjoy the relaxation building these gives.  This particular kit will cost $20 - $25 and comes in approximately 100 pieces.  Most of the model is white plastic with pieces in chrome and clear plastic.  

This is the first of several models i will be showing.  I do hope if you stop and read my blog that you will enjoy the pictures and ask questions or comments on the many models I have built.

That model guy in Portland

Monday, July 11, 2011

Introduction to Scaledreams

This is my journey through dreams I have had as a young boy growing up into the old man I am today.  I have always been a car model builder.  I have never eclipsed the talent of many individuals in the hobby but feel I am good enough to post a blog about my accomplishments.  Please be patient with me as i tell my story, show my work and ramble about my scale dreams.  

I have always been a car guy.  I will not use this forum to brag about life size vehicle ownership.  I have been building car models since I was 5, laying out the pieces on the living room floor and letting the family pet parakeet escape with pieces as he flew around the house.  Kits were crude in the 60's as were my building techniques.  Yes, I glued the kits together then...but had a brother who was 10 years older than I was to control the amount of glue fumes I actually inhaled.

I continued to build through my teen years with support from my parents who would sit in the car while I shopped at the local hobby store in Salem, Oregon.  Now at 52 its my wife who sits in the car while I run in to check out the latest kit arrivals.  She is so supportive that I owe her many thank you's for all of the 300 kits we currently have stashed in our attic.  

During school and my early married years I suffered a hiatus away from my scale dreams.  I have three wonderful children who were much more important to me during that phase of my life than building model cars.  Between the ages of 19 and 40 I built 2 models.  I don't have those models today but vividly remember the experience.  My kids are grown and very successful today and its with one of them urging me I am writing this blog.  Telling the world about my passion for scale dreams!!!

Today I have approximately 277 model kits of which 89 are built.  Don't ask me where they all are.  I have built kits for my father-in-law, grandsons and other family members.  Always at our family white elephant Christmas function I give a kit or two away.  It is always sought after by every family member.  I must be doing something right.  I like the fact others can enjoy my scale dreams.  

My plan for this blog is to post pictures and descriptions of scale dreams I have built, the one I am currently building (I never work on more than one dream at a time) and discuss the quality of the dream, the fun of building and a little history about the subject.  Its my story about my scale sit back and enjoy!!!